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Math Introduction: 4th TWI 2017-2018

Dear 4th TWI families,

This year, we will be using the Math Expressions curriculum in both English and Spanish to explore and learn about a variety of mathematical domains.  As 4th grade’s TWI instruction follows a 50:50 model, we will be switching our language of instruction for math at the beginning of each big unit.

As a STEM lover myself, I’m excited to help your child develop not only their mathematical abilities, but also their attitudes.  I want every student in my classroom to know that math isn’t just for those who it comes easy to; it’s for the hard workers, for those who persevere.

This year, we will be covering:

  • Unit 1: Place Value and Multidigit Addition and Subtraction (taught in English).
  • Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers (taught in Spanish).
  • Unit 3: Division with Whole Numbers (taught in English).
  • Unit 4: Equations and Word Problems (taught in Spanish).
  • Unit 5: Measurement (taught in English).
  • Unit 6: Fraction Concepts and Operations (taught in Spanish).
  • Unit 7: Fractions and Decimals (taught in English).
  • Unit 8: Geometry (taught in Spanish).

Additionally, Tigard-Tualatin School District has chosen 3 of the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practices as our main areas of focus the 2017-2018 school year.  They are:

#1 – Make sense of problems and persevere in problem solving.
#3 – Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
#6 – Attend to precision.

Each of these are extremely important skills that we will work towards developing and building all year long, regardless of the specific content or the language of instruction. I wanted you to be aware of these goals so that you better understand the tasks and homework I am asking students to do.

Even if you don’t know how to help your student solve the problem, you can encourage them to try another way, to tell you why their current way is or isn’t working, and to check their work.  Thank you for being a partner in our learning this year as we develop as mathematicians and critical thinkers.

Haga click aquí para leer esta página en español.


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