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Math Unit 1: Family Letter 1

Dear 4th TWI families,

As I mentioned in my last math post, we’re learning math with the help of Math Expressions this year.  The beginning of Unit 1 reviews and reteaches place value and multidigit addition.  Math Expressions encourages children to think about “making new groups” to help them understand place values and has two ways of doing this: New Groups Above and New Groups Below.

New Groups Above

New Groups Below

There are lots of different ways to solve problems, and we want to help our students think differently, creatively, and purposefully.  What is important, with addition and place value, is that students understand that the value of of each place is 10 times greater than the value of the place to its right. This understanding is essential when comparing, rounding, or adding multidigit numbers, and will help us move forward with our mathematical thinking.


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