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I believe one of the foundations of a good classroom is open communication: between myself and my students, with parents and with the administration, extending all the way to the surrounding community.  As a teacher, I will do my best to communicate openly and honestly with all parties as often as I can, in a... Continue Reading →

Vocabulary Challenge

Expand Your Vocabulary: A challenge for students, parents, and community members, too. 3-5 Words a Week Every week in Nilsen Classroom, students are working on expanding their vocabulary. In math, art, theme, and literacy, we want to build a robust lexicon in both Spanish and English! Every Monday, I'll share the 3-5 words we're specifically... Continue Reading →

Students each had a decimal card to add to our interactive timeline today. It took a little work, but we eventually saw the patterns and understood the idea of equivalent decimals. / Hoy todos los estudiantes tuvieron una tarjeta con un decimal y tenía que ponerla por nuestra recta numérica interactiva. Trabajando juntos al fin... Continue Reading →

Looking for something to read? Use our class Scholastic order (which helps get free books for my classroom) with my code: RC3YK. September orders are due on the 20th. In addition to the flyer students bring home, these flyers have more book options, including Club Leo for books in Spanish. Happy reading!

Specials Spotlight

Wondering what your child is learning and doing in PE, Music, and STEM? Three times a month I’ll feature a short video here on Nilsen Classroom to give you a sneak peek into the life and learning of our three specials at Bridgeport Elementary. Haga click aquí para leer esta página en español.

What we want to do/feel/see/hear more of in our school community. / Lo que queremos hacer/sentir/ver/escuchar más en nuestra comunidad escolar.

Foto Friday

As it’s impossible to blog about everything that we do in Nilsen Classroom, I invite you to explore our community, our work, and our growth with your own eyes. Every Friday, I’ll post a foto (photo in Spanish) and a short caption to highlight one aspect of our week together. Haga click aquí para leer esta página... Continue Reading →

About Nilsen Classroom

Nilsen Classroom is a two-way immersion class at Bridgeport Elementary in Tualatin, OR.  I believe that teaching is a privilege and a calling, one that I attend to with great care and preparation.  If you are a parent of one of my students for the 2019-2020 school year, welcome to the family. Communication Remind will be... Continue Reading →

Bienvenidos padres, estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad a nuestra pagina web, donde encontrará noticias y pruebas de aprendizaje y risas por todas partes.  /  Welcome parents, students, and community members to our online classroom where you will find updates and evidence of learning and laughter all around.

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