Vocabulary Challenge

Expand Your Vocabulary: A challenge for students, parents, and community members, too. 3-5 Words a Week Every week in Nilsen Classroom, students are working on expanding their vocabulary. In math, art, theme, and literacy, we want to build a robust lexicon in both Spanish and English! Every Monday, I'll share the 3-5 words we're specifically... Continue Reading →

Specials Spotlight

Wondering what your child is learning and doing in PE, Music, and STEM? Three times a month I’ll feature a short video here on Nilsen Classroom to give you a sneak peek into the life and learning of our three specials at Bridgeport Elementary. Haga click aquí para leer esta página en español.

Foto Friday

As it’s impossible to blog about everything that we do in Nilsen Classroom, I invite you to explore our community, our work, and our growth with your own eyes. Every Friday, I’ll post a foto (photo in Spanish) and a short caption to highlight one aspect of our week together. Haga click aquí para leer esta página... Continue Reading →

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