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Math Unit 1: Family Letter 1

Dear 4th TWI families, As I mentioned in my last math post, we're learning math with the help of Math Expressions this year.  The beginning of Unit 1 reviews and reteaches place value and multidigit addition.  Math Expressions encourages children to think about "making new groups" to help them understand place values and has two… Continue reading Math Unit 1: Family Letter 1

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Math Introduction: 4th TWI 2017-2018

Dear 4th TWI families, This year, we will be using the Math Expressions curriculum in both English and Spanish to explore and learn about a variety of mathematical domains.  As 4th grade's TWI instruction follows a 50:50 model, we will be switching our language of instruction for math at the beginning of each big unit.… Continue reading Math Introduction: 4th TWI 2017-2018