Vocabulary Challenge

Expand Your Vocabulary: A challenge for students, parents, and community members, too.

3-5 Words a Week

Every week in Nilsen Classroom, students are working on expanding their vocabulary. In math, art, theme, and literacy, we want to build a robust lexicon in both Spanish and English! Every Monday, I’ll share the 3-5 words we’re specifically focusing on for the week.

Nilsen Classroom parents, I challenge you to use these words with your students at some point during the week.  Slyly throw them into dinner conversation and perhaps your child will say, “Hey!  We just studied that word in class!”  Look for these words in your student’s writing as I will be, and praise them for trying to use better, more descriptive language in their work.

Not a parent of my current class? Don’t worry; I’ve still got a challenge for you! You’re probably familiar with the words in your native language, but do you know them in both English and Spanish?  Use these lists as a quick vocabulary check and a chance to expand your knowledge of a second language.

Haga click aquí para leer esta página en español.

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