As a school and a classroom, there’s almost always something that would make our time together even more productive, fun, and awesome.  Here’s a short list of things we’re looking for at the moment:

For Nilsen Classroom:

  • Snacks – As I quickly learned the first few days of school, not all students bring (or are able to bring) a snack.  As we have an extra long morning with the middle lunch slot, I think it’s OK for students to have a snack midway through the morning.  But I’m starting to run out of the things that I bought and that a parent dropped off on the first day.  Some big-bang-for-our-buck healthy(ish) snacks that you could donate to the classroom would help a lot.  I currently still have pretzels and applesauce that I bought, but I’m not sure how much longer they will last.
  • Watercolor paint sets – As we had a mixup on supply lists, we don’t quite have a full class set of watercolors.  I bought nice brushes and watercolor paper and would love to use them!
  • Old magazines with lots of pictures – In the world of Dual Language Immersion, you can never have enough visuals to accompany your lessons.

For Bridgeport:

  • Old Mailboxes – The garden committee is beginning to collect old mailboxes (the exterior ones from residential homes).  The plan is to paint them and install them around the garden.
  • Empty tissue boxes – STEM is planning a project using empty tissue boxes.  We’re sending our empties to Mrs. Welch, and could use the help of our community to flood her room with those boxes!
  • Books (especially in Spanish) – our library is growing, and we are trying to build both our bilingual and Spanish specific library along with it.


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