I love it when parents, guardians, and community members are a part of my class!  But before you can volunteer, please click here to complete the district volunteer screening.  It is a short document the district uses for all new volunteers.  Residency status is not a part of this background check.

Current volunteer needs for Nilsen Classroom:

  • Volunteer Box
    I have a Volunteer Box in my classroom where I place projects/instructions for copying/laminating/prep work.  If you’re coming in and have some time to help out, I’d love some help with whatever is in this box!  If you plan on stopping by at a similar time every week, let me know so that I can make sure there is something in the box before you arrive.
  • Field Trips
    We have a few field trips coming up this Spring and will be looking for volunteers to chaperone with us.  Be on the lookout for more specific field trip information coming soon.
  • Art Literacy
    We need volunteers to help with our monthly Art Literacy lessons.  Our Art Lit will be on Fridays from 9-10, probably the third or fourth Friday of the month (with some adjusted dates due to shorter weeks).  If you would like to volunteer to help with one or more of these fun lessons, Send me a Message.

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